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Shawarma King, Revisited

As promised, I went back to Shawarma King last Wednesday, May 27, for a guided tour and meal with owner Butros Qumseya, who requested I give his restaurant a second go after he read my negative review in the Feed a few weeks back. Disclaimer: Food critics eat anonymously because the average restaurateur, if given […]

City Paper Review Is an Insult to the Shawarma King

Last week I reviewed Shawarma King on Columbia Road NW. Long story short, I said I'd eaten better shawarma: The chicken was too dry, and I wanted someone to choose my toppings for me. (See full Shawarma King complaint here.) I didn't expect any noise–it was just a blurb, after all–but an error was edited […]

I’ve Eaten Enough Shawarma Now to Realize I Don’t Understand Shawarma

My recent visit to Shawarma King, one of the new Middle Eastern sandwich joints in Adams Morgan, finally humbled me. As I sat there, chewing on yet another mediocre shawarma sandwich, its beef dry and its flavors as much sour as savory, I decided that I must be missing something. Or that my palate is […]

Want Some Shawarma? Head to Adams Morgan.

Adams Morgan has suddenly become Shawarma Central. Walid Abuelhawa's Old City Café & Bakery has been a reliable source for the Middle Eastern sandwich for more than two years, but now the former Amsterdam Falafelshop chef has some competition from two new shops: The Shawarma King at 1654 Columbia Rd. NW (202-463-8330) and the Shawarma […]