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Godfather’s Pizza Mogul Herman Cain Tries Seventh Hill’s Pies For A Change

Republican presidential hopeful Herman Cain was spotted at Capitol Hill pizzeria Seventh Hill on Sunday. The former CEO of Godfather's Pizza had just finished up an appearance on NBC's "Meet the Press" and showed up at the 7th Street SE pizza place for an interview and photo shoot for GQ. No word on what he […]

The Salad Daze: Farewell, Young & Hungry

The first Young & Hungry column I wrote, almost five years ago, was a review of Miss Saigon in Georgetown. I was auditioning for the job of food columnist for Washington City Paper, and these were my marching orders in December 2005: critique a Vietnamese restaurant that no one cared about. I was puzzled, but […]

Plenty of Terrific D.C. Sandwiches Hiding in Plain Sight

In a previous love letter on the subject, I speculated that the District had become a serious sandwich town. In further research on the topic, I spoke to a number of sources who disputed that notion. They laid out their arguments in the most recent Young & Hungry column. Now, I have a great deal […]

Yes, Virginia Ham, D.C. Is a Sandwich Town

The meaty, magnificent prosciutto sandwich at Seventh Hill A lot has happened in the two years since I conducted a dragnet to find a decent sandwich beyond the jaw-taxing hoagies found at some of our finer Italian cold-out outlets. For starters, those two boys from Philly have launched a campaign to spread brotherly love (and roast […]