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Local Bars Bring Spirit of St. Louis to D.C. with Schlafly House In Session Ale

The public has been screaming for session ales. Low alcohol, easy drinking beers are a much needed antidote to the many palate-shaking extreme brews flooding the craft beer market. Starting Monday D.C. will have one: a collaboration beer brewed at the Schlafly Tap Room in St. Louis by the District's own Greg Jasgur, overseer of the […]

Why Are There So Few Low-Alcohol Specialty Beers?

Today's topic is a spin-off of our first question from readers during this All Beer Week here at Young & Hungry. The question, which Beerspotter Orr Shtuhl responded to yesterday, was about the absence of craft Pilsners in the American beer market. In what we see as a related topic, we turn the discussion from Pilsners […]

Still Drinking? Reach for a Session Beer

Yes, of course you're still drinking. Maybe not right now — or, maybe coffee right now — but today is just Day 2 of (at least) a four-day weekend, one bookended by gluttony and friends and football and friends, respectively. All of which is to say that my beer-per-day average sees an incline of sorts […]