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How D.C. Servers Are Secretly Profiling Diners

As soon as you enter a restaurant, the staff is sizing you up. In fact, they may have already Googled you.

Y&H to Appear on the Kojo Nnamdi Show Today

Our topic for discussion is a good one. We'll be discussing wait staff and the labor issues they face as they cater to every one of our fussy whims in D.C.'s dining rooms. Y&H is no labor expert, of course. But I've dabbled in doing the dining room two-step for ungrateful customers. I've also received more […]

Servers May Be the Most Regulated Workers in the Country

Not officially, of course.  But servers at restaurants often labor under more rules than a slaughterhouse worker. Well, definitely more than a slaughterhouse worker actually follows. I mention this because of Bruce Buschel's latest post on his delightful Start-Up Chronicle blog for The New York Times. (If you haven't read his posts yet on starting […]