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Frank Ruta’s Truffled Palena Burger: Better Than Its New York Equivalent?

Has the quality of Washington's food scene evolved to match that of even vaunted New York? Well, maybe in one category. WaPo food columnist and Y&H alum Tim Carman recently challenged New Yorker Ed Levine of Serious Eats to a seven-course smackdown, pitting the two cities' best cheap eats in a contest judged by both […]

Tired of the Same Old Roast Turkey? Try These Recipes for Thanksgiving.

The Washington Post's Jim Shahin is a barbecue alchemist. He takes an ordinary piece of meat, waves his hands over it (usually with salt and pepper in each fist), and sticks the protein into a black box. Hours later, from a thick plume of smoke, he'll pull out a blackened beauty glistening in its own […]

Y&H’s All-Inclusive, Semi-Scary Halloween Eat and Drink Roundup

If you ask me what I remember from the Halloweens of my youth, it's always the candy. Not the costume, but the candy. In fact, as I'm writing this, I can't think of a single costume I wore as a kid, save for that ridiculous one-piece clown outfit that my grandmother had sewn for the […]

David Chang on the Qualities That Make a Great Chef

To get a sense of Chang's own qualities, read this excellent New Yorker profile. Video courtesy of Serious Eats.

How Loud Is the New Sun Chips Biodegradable Bag?

People are pissed off about environmentally unfriendly plastic. But people are even more pissed off about the noise level of SunChips' new compostable bag, which the Wall Street Journal reports is as loud as a  jet cockpit, registering 95 decibels on a sound meter. The inevitable Facebook group has emerged. Its name is in ALL […]

Vintage Movie Intermission Trailers

Y&H is old enough to remember drive-ins and some of the classic intermission advertisements that these operations showed between flicks. But Serious Eats has unearthed even older trailers dating back to when movie houses used to have intermissions. These clips are delightfully cheesy. They make me wonder what Don Draper would think of them. Not […]

Food News You Can Use: ‘Top Chef’ D.C. Contestants ‘Suck Balls’

The mood over this season's Top Chef is turning dark. The critics are claiming the cheftestants (still can't stomach that word) are inferior to previous seasons. Hell, they can't even make a pie. The media have their say: Joe Yonan and Bonnie Benwick over at WaPo, ahem, knead-le the chefs over their pies: "If you […]

Food News You Can Use: The Sam Kass Is Hot Edition

If there was any theme to Wednesday night's episode of Top Chef D.C., it had to be this: Assistant White House chef Sam Kass is a total, to-die-for hunk, more than deserving of his spot on People magazine's list of the 100 most beautiful people. Serious Eats found Kass good enough to eat: "This week […]

Go Inside the Svalbard Global Seed Vault, Humanity’s Protection Against the Apocalypse

As if Al Gore's documentary, or even his divorce, didn't shake our faith in humanity enough, now we have this:  the Svalbard Global Seed Vault, which is designed to protect us from our own stupidity. You know, like global warming and nuclear war. It's a seed vault buried inside a mountain on the Norwegian island […]

It Was Only a Matter of Time: An Animated Show About a Burger Joint

It's amazing that it took this long, but Fox is scheduled to air a new series next year devoted, in part, to the dish that everyone loves to talk about — the all-American hamburger. Bob's Burgers focuses on a hapless family running a hapless burger joint. Serious Eats has more information and more videos on […]