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Black Jack Launches Secret “Speakeasy” Cocktail Menu

The first rule of Black Jack's new "speakeasy" menu? You do not talk about the new "speakeasy" menu. The 14th Street NW bar above Pearl Dive Oyster Palace promoted the secret cocktail list yesterday on Facebook and Twitter. But if you ask the bartenders about it, they'll pretend they don't know what you're talking about. Instead, you have to ask […]

Grande Green Eye What? Starbucks’ ‘Secret Menu’ Is Really Secret

The Daily Meal on Monday released its "ultimate guide to Starbucks’ secret menu," threatening to expose all the java giant's exotic coffee combinations that only its coolest customers seem to know about. Armed with this arsenal of unique-sounding orders, Young & Hungry stopped by a few Starbucks on Tuesday to test D.C. baristas on their classified […]