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‘Top Chef’ D.C. Episode II: The Bipartisandwich

How many of you felt a slight wave of nausea when Padma used the word, "Bipartisandwich" during the opening minutes of Top Chef D.C. last night? My nausea grew into a full-on case of dry heaves when the quick-fire challenge became the cooking equivalent of a three-legged race: Producers bound two chefs together in a […]

Former WaPo Reporter Looks at D.C. Public Schools’ New “Fresh Cooked” Lunch Program

Y&H isn't sure how he missed this, but former Washington Post reporter Ed Bruske recently spent a week in the kitchen at H.D. Cooke Elementary School in Adams Morgan, where his daughter attends classes.  He wanted to witness first hand this new era of the school lunch program, in which D.C. Public Schools food-service provider, […]