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Sausage Fest: Fat Shorty’s Opens in Clarendon Tomorrow

Want to try rattlesnake or alligator? They'll be available in sausage form at Fat Shorty's, a casual sausage, mussel, and beer spot replacing Rabbit Grill in Clarendon. Restaurateur Aaron Gordon, who owns eateries like Drafting Table and Zeke's DC Donutz, is partnering with Rahman "Rock" Harper of Hell's Kitchen fame on Fat Shorty's (an homage […]

Bar Food Bites: Dodge City Dogs

My Sundays used to be all about bottomless mimosa brunch. But a few months back, I discovered sausages on Sundays at Dodge City on U Street NW, and it’s become a new staple of my weekend routine. I tell you this begrudgingly; Dodge on a Sunday afternoon is modestly quiet and never has a wait […]

Market Research: Currants

Ingredient: Currants What: You’ve likely only encountered currants in preserved forms, either dried or cooked down into a jam. That’s a shame, because fresh, the translucent-skinned, tart globes are decadent. How to buy: Currants are in season through early July. Red and blue varieties are available from Reid’s Orchard, at the 14th and U streets […]

Are Hot Dogs Really Made from Pigs’ Lips and Assholes?

This video on how hot dogs are made doesn't specifically ID what kinds of meat are used, aside from the generic "trimmings," but you have to admit: That brownish goop doesn't exactly make you want to rush to the supermarket.