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The ’Wiching Hour: “Primanti Bros” Sausage at Bar Civita

This upscale version of Pittsburgh’s famously monstrous French fry sandwich tastes good but is poorly constructed.

Linked In: Logan Sausage Company Is Living High On the Hog

The Logan family custom makes sausages for restaurants like Taylor Gourmet.

Korean Sausage With a Side of Schadenfreude

"I’m so happy....I always wished for Kim Jong-Il’s death and now it actually happened.”—Former North Korean spy turned Northern Virginia sausage maker Ma Young-Ae (one-time proprietor of the defunct Pyongyang Soondae restaurant on Little River Turnpike and current supplier to Korean supermarkets in Virginia and Maryland), reacting to the dictator's demise on City Desk, which […]

Another Gator Sighting: Reptile-Swine Sausage at Granville Moore’s

The recent dip in mercury doesn't mean this summer's au courant exotic protein has completely slithered away for the season. Earlier this week, Granville Moore's on bustling H Street NE ran a special on alligator and pork andouille. The Cajun-sounding dish came served strangely Italian-style over pappardelle pasta with onions, red peppers and parmesan. Y&H […]

In the Mood for Roasted Chicken Rectums and North Korean Sausage?

In this week's Washington City Paper cover story, Mike Paarlberg profiles Ma Young-Ae, a former North Korean spy who runs Pyongyang Soondae, a restaurant on Little River Turnpike that offers a more northern approach to Korean food. The story of Ma's defection and anti-Pyongyang activism is worth a read—be sure to pick read it in […]

Just in Time for the Holidays II: Stachowski Charcuterie

I randomly dropped an e-mail to Jamie Stachowskiyesterday, wondering if the chef might have made enough charcuterie to peddle to the public during the holidays. I wasn't ready for his response: The Jamie Stachowski Holiday Charcuterie Board, which for $95 provides enough pâté, sausage, salame, and bresaola to feed 10 hungry carnivores. Here's what you […]

What I Ate on My Summer Vacation: Street Food

I am probably stretching the definition of street food here, since some of the comestibles I ate were actually purchased in open-air buildings that faced the street, not from free-standing carts that have to be pushed into place every morning. Regardless, the food from all of these places had three things in common: It could […]