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District Fishwife Will Begin Serving Tuna Poke Bowls

The seafood market is also on the hunt for a second location.

Blown Away? Poisonous Japanese Tora-Fugu Is Rare, Expensive, and Almost Flavorless

My first bite of tora-fugu, the Japanese species of blowfish containing deadly poison in its organs, is the skin. The gelatinous delicacy is thinly sliced like noodles, with seaweed, grated daikon, and a ponzu sauce, and is part of Sushi Taro’s 10-course, $138 fugu tasting menu. I’m not dead yet. Next up is sashimi, sliced […]

V Street, Meet Sake

Construction is now underway at the future site of Izakaya Seki, the planned 40-seat Japanese bar and restaurant, located in the former Spott's Barber Shop space at 1117 V Street NW. That much is certain. Exactly when you'll be able to eat there isn't quite clear yet. "I don't know when we're opening," says proprietor […]

Trevor Corson on How to Properly Eat Sushi

A couple of years ago, Y&H had the pleasure of sitting down over sushi with Trevor Corson, author of The Story of Sushi. He taught me all about the fine art of nikiri sauces. In this short vid, he'll teach you how not to look like a tourist when visiting a sushi house. Take a […]

Hog Snapper at Vidalia: An Ugly Beauty with a Sweet Personality

R.J. Cooper received a call last week from a fish supplier who asked if the Vidalia chef would like to buy a few specimens of this western-Atlantic monstrosity called the "hog snapper," an ugly beauty also known as the hogfish. (It doesn't take much imagination to figure out where the name comes from.) I happened to be at Vidalia for other reasons when Cooper thought […]