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Boston Beer Company’s Special Samuel Adams Glass Half Empty?

Remember the "beergonomic" Samuel Adams glass designed to enhance the experience of drinking beer? (Yes, it's ribbed for his or her pleasure...) The uniquely shaped glass is making news again and not because it has revolutionized the act of drinking beer. Boston Beer Company, makers of Samuel Adams beers, has accused a craft brewery in […]

How Can Germans Revive Their Country’s Thirst For Beer?

The notion that Germans, with their foamy steins and spirited drinking songs, are turning away from beer may seem as likely as pigs flying. But an article at this week describes how German beer culture is in an undeniable decline. Statistics released by the German government over the past several years have shown that Germans […]

This Week: Stoudt’s at Pizzeria Paradiso & Meridian Pint, HopSlam & Old Schoolhouse at ChurchKey and Ommegang at Lyon Hall

The week in beer is here. Read on for some notes on my picks below, or go to our D.C. Beer Events Calendar above for the full list and more details about any event. Monday starting at 4PM, ChurchKey is pouring their last reserve keg of this season's batch of HopSlam, the sought-after honeyed Double India Pale […]

Infinium: Ahead of Its Time or Failed Experiment?

Since writing a post last month about Infinium, the champagne-like beer made by brewers from the Boston Beer Company (makers of the Samuel Adams line) and Weihenstephan Brewery in Germany, I've been curious to learn how it's been received. (Not enough to carry that thought home to my laptop after encountering one of those sexy bottles […]

Infinium: Samuel Adams Helps Weihenstephan Challenge German Brewing Traditions

Infinium is the first of three beers resulting from a two-year collaboration between Boston Beer Company, the makers of Samuel Adams, and Weihenstephan Brewery in Germany. Jim Koch, brewer and founder of Boston Beer Company, was approached by Weihenstephan managing director Josef Schradler to develop beers that push the limits of Germany's conservative brewing culture. Weihenstephan, which is located in the […]

Shelf Watch Proves D.C. Craft Beer Selection Is On The Up And Up

D.C.'s beer culture is growing stronger all the time, and over the last month we have seen significant proof of it in our neighborhood grocery store. Sure, D.C. has seen a steady increase in the number of beer-centric bars and restaurants opening, as well as wine and cocktail-focused places adding more craft and imported beer […]

World’s Most Beergonomically Correct Grapefruit Juice Glass?

The "beergonomic" Samuel Adams pint glass has been around for almost three years. We first encountered it at a Samuel Adams dinner at Vidalia last year. The glass has the whiff of being a gimmick, but some people believe its design does have some aroma and flavor-intensifying properties. According to the Boston Beer Company, makers […]

Sam Adams Utopias, Imperial Series & Barrel Room Collection Tasting at RFD Tomorrow

We didn't know about this one in time for our weekly beer event round-up but want to give all our fellow big beer lovers out there a [last-minute] heads up about a special, limited-seating strong ale tasting at RFD this Thursday. Boston Beer Company, proprieters of the Samuel Adams label, are bringing seven of their […]

The Beauty of the Beer Variety Pack

One box, so much potential. The variety pack was my bane and my savior when I used to buy beer in my home state of Pennsylvania. There, backwards liquor laws meant most beer was sold by the case in state-owned shops; six-packs cost $15 and were available only at special "delis"; and I'm pretty sure […]

The World’s Strongest Beer — and Why It’s Like Bud Ice

I'd like to offer one addendum to the Lagerheads' post on BrewDog Tactical Nuclear Penguin, the new strongest beer in the world. How do they get so much booze into this imperial stout, which weighs in at 32% abv? The same technique used by, um, some less savory beer products — e.g. Bud Ice. As […]