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A ‘Fan’ Letter to National

Dear Editors at National, Allow me to begin this letter with an apology: I'm sorry for not writing earlier. Over the weeks, I've become a huge fan of your renegade editorial approach of poaching other people's content and reposting it on your Web site for fun and profit. You are leading food writing bravely […]

Fast Food Nation: On Five Guys’ Victory and KFC’s Double Down

Here's your winner of Serious Eats' chain burger tourney. On Tuesday, KFC rolled out its Double Down chicken sandwich — I really ought to put quotes around the word "sandwich" for this bun-less creation  — and the food media immediately tore into it. Today, cardiologists everywhere are celebrating. More on that in a moment — the […]

Critics of Iron Chef America, White House Edition, Wonder If the Fix Was In

If you haven't yet had a chance, like Y&H, to watch the Iron Chef America episode in which the not-so-secret ingredient is the White House vegetable garden, you might want to stop reading now. Otherwise, you'll never forgive me for what I'm about to do: reveal the winner in the star-studded cook-off that pitted Mario "Orange Crush" […]

Young & Hungry Appears on CNN!

Well, sort of. At about the 1:56 mark in this segment on restaurant critics and anonymity, CNN captures a screen shot of your beloved Young & Hungry blog. I'm still trying to figure out whether CNN used Young & Hungry because we are a marvel of search-engine optimization or because they were trying to suggest […]

This Week’s Greatest Hits on the Young & Hungry Blog

There's no mistaking that Young & Hungry readers love their beer. They love it in a glass. They love it in a growler. And they love it in print. The single most-read item of the week — by a wide, wide margin — was Beerspotter Orr Shtuhl's post on the inaugural D.C. Beer Week. I predict […]

Times’ New Dining Critic Gets His First Reviews

Just a day after the New York Times announced that Sam Sifton would be its next restaurant reviewer, the blogosphere and the dead-tree media have been tirelessly carving up the critic like a roast pig. Here's a taste of what's been written about Sifton so far: Eater.con has put together a dossier on Sifton. It […]

Is the ‘Times’ Saying Anonymity Doesn’t Matter Anymore in a Dining Critic?

Today's announcement that Sam Sifton will be the next dining critic for The New York Times leaves little doubt in my mind that the Gray Lady's editors have decided anonymity is next to impossible to maintain in that vaunted position. Sure, they apparently scrubbed Sifton's image from the Times' Web site, but it takes all […]