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Is That Really Wild Salmon? Maybe Not.

A new study from Oceana reveals widespread mislabeling of salmon.

No Bowtie Pasta? Jim Graham’s Fishy Culinary Tribute

D.C. restaurants often name dishes after politicians, particularly around election time. Both Good Stuff Eatery and BGR: The Burger Joint, for instance, whipped up competing Barack Obama and John McCain-themed burgers during the last presidential race. The latest local addition to this culinary-political gimmickry is a bit more neighborhood specific: "The Jim Graham," a plate […]

Mall Food: Where to Eat After Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert Rallies

Two cable TV comedians are coming to town to stage a rally on the National Mall, and the political establishment isn’t sure whether to laugh, cry, or declare its own irrelevancy in the presence of fake pundits who have the drawing power of Sarah Palin at an NRA swimsuit contest. Y&H doesn’t have the bona […]