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Inside The World of Competitive Barbecue: “He Got Total Bite-Through!”

If there’s one thing that keeps Lucas Darnell awake at night, it’s the Backwoods smokers that sit on the driveway behind his Bristow, Va., home. Darnell, a competitive barbecue pitmaster, spends most of his weekends cooking, and he’s been known to roll out of bed two or three times in a night just to check […]

The Readers Had Their Say in 2009, Too

As the primary author of the Young & Hungry blog, I release a lot of gas into the ether. Sometimes you readers find it noxious enough to disperse with your own counterattack. It can make for an engaging round of online gasbagging. Just take a look at the four examples that Editor Andrew and I […]

The 2009 Blog Posts With the Longest Visits

All together now: It's pronounced "A-beets." This is a random category, yes, and I'm not sure what it says other than that some putz kept this page open on his browser for hours, presumably while doing other things, like typing out TPS reports or surfing for porn. But, hey, it's amusing to speculate who kept […]

This Week’s Greatest Hits from the Young & Hungry Blog: July 4th Edition

It's a short work week, and we at Young & Hungry Central have just the thing you need: beer and dining recommendations for the Fourth. We also have something for your reading pleasure: The top blog posts of the week. Obama Ate Here: The Working Map (with apologies and gratitude to BrightestYoungThings) What Did Your […]

What Did Your $10 Ticket Get You at the Safeway Barbecue Battle?

It's no secret that I love barbecue. It's the result of living in two regions — Kansas City and Texas — with celebrated 'cue cultures. To say I was excited about visiting the Safeway Barbecue Battle on Sunday would be an understatement. The organizers of the event sent me two tickets in the mail. Had […]