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Dead Meat: Does D.C. Really Need More Steakhouses?

Washington just can’t seem to escape its reputation as a steak-and-potatoes town. For decades, the stereotypes of lobbyists with expense accounts cavorting over charred chunks of meat have overshadowed the city’s culinary cred. Only in recent years has the District started to erase memories of ribeyes and dudes in suits with its explosion of neighborhood […]

The Stadium Club Combines Steaks and Strippers

The Stadium Club isn't the first strip joint — oh, I can feel the owner cringing now about the use of that cheap term — to inject  steakhouse sophistication into a business of peddling another kind of flesh. I used to live in Houston, otherwise known as the Strip Joint Capital of the Free World, […]

Vox Populi: Rater spinwdc on Ruth’s Chris, Our Corporate Steakhouse

Restaurant Rater spinwdc is a writer after my own heart: quick to dismiss giant chains, but just as quick to pass along the praise when warranted. Check out this quick take on Ruth's Chris Steak House near Dupont Circle: I have passed by Ruth's Chris Steak House for years and just scoff at the place...all […]

Big Chain Restaurant Stocks Are Tanking

USA Today has taken an in-depth look at the biggest publicly traded restaurant chains, and what reporter Matt Krantz found wasn't pretty: Investors in the top 26 restaurant companies are taking a bath. Their stocks have lost nearly 50 percent of their value from their highest point in the past 52 weeks. Writes Krantz: