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Is Anonymity in Food Reviewing Dead?

It wasn't until Ruth Reichl stopped enjoying dressing up as characters did she retire from her gig as food critic at the The New York Times and start editing Gourmet—may it rest in peace. She joyfully wrote about her wigs and make up in Garlic and Sapphires: The Secret Life of a Critic in Disguise, […]

How Much Do You Really Know About Brazilian Cuisine?

Seriously, beyond Fogo de Chao and caipirinhas, how much do you know about this country's eating and drinking habits? Even Ruth Reichl, editor of the late lamented Gourmet, claims she didn't know much about the food and drink here. But unlike most of us cash-strapped slugs with no television outlet, Reichl could do something about […]

Can You Learn to Cook from a Cookbook?

New Yorker scribe Adam Gopnik turned into a one-man El Niño last fall, generating all sorts of ancillary disturbances, when he noted that, in essence, reading a cookbook is a waste of time. You'll never learn to cook from one. Gopnik explains his position in his own sublime prose (a skill that we can only assume, based on […]

Is This the Most Tasteless, Self-Serving Response to Gourmet’s Death?

Y&H noticed an e-mail in his inbox with the subject line: "Gourmet statement from Edible Chesapeake." How nice, I thought. The local magazine wants to pay homage to one of the oldest and finest food magazines in the country. That's not exactly what editor Renee Brooks Catacalos decided to e-mail to the food media. Instead, […]

Journalists, Fans Respond to Condé Nast’s Decision to Kill Gourmet Magazine

Rumors had been circulating for weeks about pending cutbacks at either Gourmet or Bon Appetit, but Condé Nast's decision today to ax editor Ruth Reichl's print baby sent shock waves through the food community (even if Gourmet's book publishing and TV operations will continue, as will the Web site). In his business story for the […]

Is the ‘Times’ Saying Anonymity Doesn’t Matter Anymore in a Dining Critic?

Today's announcement that Sam Sifton will be the next dining critic for The New York Times leaves little doubt in my mind that the Gray Lady's editors have decided anonymity is next to impossible to maintain in that vaunted position. Sure, they apparently scrubbed Sifton's image from the Times' Web site, but it takes all […]

Gourmet’s Ruth Reichl Goes Undercover Again as…Amy Winehouse?

As cheesy as this video is, it's nice to see Gourmet not take itself so seriously.