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Due South Brings Nashville Hot Chicken and St. Louis-Style Ribs to Navy Yard

The Southern restaurant opened on Aug. 14 with a limited menu for dinner only.

Southern Restaurant, Due South, Coming to Navy Yard

It comes from the owner of Jetties, Surfside, and Bayou.

Hitting the Sauce: Ahoy! Fry Captain Returns to Dominate the D.C. Dipping Scene

Too many people have asked Fry Captain food truck mastermind Jake Sendar, “Just French fries? What else?” They're missing the point. “Fries are a means of tasting the sauces," he explains. "And the cool thing about the sauces and seasonings is that it gives you a whole different meal every time. You can taste different […]

Quick Feeding: When Po’ Boys Are Not Priced for the Poor

Poor Boy? On today's dining chat at Washingtonian, Todd Kliman takes a closer look at Bayou and notes that Rusty Holman's po' boys are, well, expensive. "The po' would be hard-put to come up with the change to eat any one of these, however. The cost at dinner is $17; even with two good sides […]

Meet Eatonville’s New Executive Chef, Garret Fleming

Many of you may remember Tim Carman's Beard-nominated cover story last year that chronicled the way in which Andy Shallal selected Eatonville's first chef. If you recall, the story didn't end well. Chris Newsome, initially appointed executive chef after winning the Top Chef-style contest, was quickly replaced by runner-up Rusty Holman. Holman left Eatonville this […]

Eatonville Chef Contest ‘Winner’ Rusty Holman Now Working at a Food Truck

Holy crap, is that Rusty Holman?! No way, it can't be! Don't embarrass him, or yourself, by asking! Don't even make eye contact! But what if it is Rusty? You'd be one lame-ass food writer if you don't find out what he's doing slinging fries out of a food truck on Farragut Square!  Don't forget […]

Spot Check: Eatonville

Chef Rusty Holman, the chef at Eatonville My tablemate and I are sitting at a two-top by the large picture window at Eatonville, which provides a semi-comfortable, climate-controlled view of the parade of mini-skirts and flesh that walks up and down the bustling 14th Street NW corridor.  We're half way through our appetizers when the […]

The Eatonville Chef Contest: Trent Conry’s Perspective

Conry takes a break from his job interview to answer questions. As I noted in today's cover story on the Eatonville chef contest, Trent Conry was, without much question, the most accomplished toque among the nine finalists who competed for the $75,000-a-year gig at Andy Shallal's new Southern restaurant. And yet: The former executive chef […]