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What Do Brewers Think About D.C.’s Beer ‘Bootlegging’?

This week's Y&H column about how local beer retailers take advantage of D.C.'s lax alcohol import regulations made me curious. Often "bootleggers" like Amy Bowman at The Black Squirrel or Thor Cheston at Brasserie Beck work directly with breweries to get their beer into the District. But what about the breweries whose beer is being brought […]

Greetings from the Great Beer City of San Francisco

We invited you along on the Lagerheads' last grand beer adventure when we traveled to Colorado for the 2009 Great American Beer Festival. This week I invite you to join me (virtually) as I represent the "better half" of D.C.'s beer loving duo at this year's Craft Brewers Conference in San Francisco. Like most of my travel, […]

Policy Lays Down The Law With Rare Beer

Not long after the U Street corridor spot opened a year ago, we popped into Policy for the first time and quickly filed it away as a place to go in the unlikely event we were in the mood for velvet ropes, fancy cocktails, and house music. We never thought beer would bring us back, but […]

The Super List: January 2010 vs. 2007

On Friday we introduced our new series, The Super List. Each month we will be sharing the beers that Tammy, in true elementary school teacher fashion, rates as "Super" in her beer journal. Just for fun, we will also be taking a look back at what beers made the list the same month in previous […]

Acid Trip: Savoring Sour Beer From the Golden State

Some call sour beer "an acquired taste." But why should it be hard to acquire? The average American eats more than eight pounds of pickles a year, and in my summer-camp days I've seen kids with Fun Dip addictions clamor for salt and vinegar potato chips. And yet sour beer is considered extreme, or as […]