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DGS Delicatessen Brings Back Jewish Christmas With Minibar and Maketto Chefs

Celebrate Christmas with Chinese food.

Barmini Has The Fanciest Philly Cheesesteak You’ll Ever Eat in Waffle Form

Filled with an aged Vermont cheddar espuma and topped with caramelized onions and carpaccio-thin American Kobe beef, the $12 dish practically dissolves in your mouth.

José Andrés Collaborates on Ibérico Ham-Infused Mezcal

Meat-infused alcohol, believe it or not, is nothing new. Local mixologists have previously come up with a number of carnivorous cocktails, including a venison fat-washed whiskey at Fiola and a foie gras-infused armagnac at Bourbon Steak. But now José Andrés is taking it to a new level. His Think Food Group team has partnered with mezcal producer Del Maguey to […]

Last Night’s Leftovers: Boozy Horchata Edition

Are the city's proposed “vending development zones” dangerous to the future of food trucks? [WaPo] Want some hooch with your horchata? Room 11's got you covered. [Metrocurean] No, crepes are not the new cupcake. [The Hill Is Home] Here are some tips on getting that last-minute Valentine's Day reservation. [Borderstan] Add Blind Dog Cafe to […]

Next Up at Rogue 24: D.C.’s Own José Andrés

Tickets go on sale, like, now, for next week's guest chef session at Rogue 24. This time, it's D.C.'s own José Andrés filling-in for proprietor R.J. Cooper, who is recovering from open-heart surgery. The James Beard Foundation's "Outstanding Chef" in 2011 is the fourth star substitute in a parade of top toques to take over […]

When José Andrés Says Yes: How Ideas Become Dishes at Zaytinya

"It's really only us as Americans that focus on huge pieces of meat," Mike Costa, executive chef at Zaytinya, tells me when I ask him about the Mediterranean restaurant's new vegetable dishes. He admits, of course, that in places, people also kiss the toes of lamb roasting on an all-day spinning spit. "But if you […]