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Pineapple Impress: Chef Aaron Silverman Is Making His Own Rules for Fine Dining

The new restaurant from the Rose's Luxury chef fuses together low-end and high-end concepts.

For Many D.C. Restaurants, Patios and Roof Decks Are Now a Must-Have

Even already-popular restaurants and breweries are getting in on the trend.

Rose’s Luxury’s Roof Garden Is Back And Now Enclosed

The outdoor patio is now enclosed with a retractable roof.

The 10 Most Anticipated Restaurant and Bar Openings of 2016

There will be pizza. And pastrami. And plenty of reasons to get tipsy.

Watch Rose’s Luxury’s Owner Give a TED Talk

Chef Aaron Silverman shares how he built one of the best restaurants in America.

The Hungries: The Best and Worst of D.C. Restaurants in 2015

For some reason, people are still opening "speakeasies" and steakhouses.

How Other Businesses on Barracks Row Feed Off Rose’s Luxury’s Popularity

A slew of businesses are just waiting to take in Rose's rejects, and there's a cottage industry of people who are paid to wait in line.

Rose’s Luxury’s Sister Restaurant Has a Name: Pineapple and Pearls

The pineapple represents hospitality, while pearls are a symbol of elegance.

Sauce-O-Meter: How Recent Food Happenings Measure Up

Taiwanese fried chicken at Maketto is mumbo sauce. Faux speakeasies are lame sauce.

Meet the Guy Who’s Bringing a Vinegar Revolution to D.C.

Daniel Liberson forages for elderflower, wild chamomile, and other lesser known plants for his Lindera Farms Vinegar.