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Secret Cubbies, Drawers, and Pullouts at D.C. Restaurants

Discovering the tables at Rose's Luxury have menu cubbies is like discovering your favorite dress has pockets. After ordering on a recent visit, a server pointed out the under-the-table slots so we could hang on to our menus without crowding our dishes. The tables were custom-made by chef/owner Aaron Silverman's uncle (son of Rose, Silverman's [...]

Are You Gonna Eat That? Rose’s Luxury’s Uni Scrambled Eggs

The Dish: Uni Scrambled Eggs Where to Get It: Rose’s Luxury, 717 8th St. SE; (202) 580-8889; Price: $18 What It Is: French-style scrambled eggs whipped up in a double broiler with some melted uni (the Japanese word for sea urchin roe), chives, lemon juice, salt, and pepper. The œufs are ladled into a [...]

Get Rose’s Luxury’s “Fuck Perfect” Sign Without Stealing It

If you haven't read it yet, this week's Y&H column delves into why diners steal just about everything—silverware, posters, bar stools—from restaurants and bars. One recent victim: Rose's Luxury, which lost the framed "fuck perfect" sign in its upstairs restroom last week. Along with the neon "awesome" sign down stairs (don't worry, it's still there), [...]

Why Can’t People Stop Stealing From D.C.’s Restaurants?

Peter Ogburn’s life of crime began with a copper mug stuffed down his pants. The radio producer was drinking a Moscow mule at the bar at Senart’s Oyster and Chop House not long after its 2011 opening when the impulse struck him: He’d always wanted one of the shiny cups but had no idea where [...]

Which Restaurants Have Raised The Most Through Crowdfunding?

When Pleasant Pops launched a Kickstarter campaign to open a cafe in the spring of 2012, crowdfunding was still a novelty for restaurant and bar owners. These days, everyone from food-truck operators to veteran restaurateurs is hitting up potential customers for money. So far, no local establishments have managed to entirely fund a new venture [...]

D.C.’s Best Kitchen Counter Seats

Most diners eat out to get away from the kitchen, but at a handful of local restaurants, stoveside is where you’ll find the best, most exclusive seats in the house. Which should be obvious: Watching a top-tier chef prepare your meal can be like seeing a magician reveal his trick. Just don’t be shy: “We [...]

Everything’s Coming up Rose’s: What’s the Secret Behind the Coolest New Restaurant in D.C.? “Fuck Perfect.”

The neon sign spelling “awesome” on the concrete wall at Rose’s Luxury may just be the most Instagrammed thing in a D.C. restaurant right now. Glowing in full view of the open kitchen, the sign is not just a mantra for the cooks, but also the word on every food fanatic’s lips right now. Just [...]

Basket Case: Bread Is Back and Fancier Than Ever

At the end of their meal, the two old ladies sitting next to us at Rose’s Luxury on Barracks Row lean over their empty dishes to swap notes. They rave about the crispy octopus with burnt lemon and the caramelized cauliflower with Greek yogurt. I tell them next time they should try the pickle juice-brined [...]

A First Look at Rose’s Luxury, Opening on Barracks Row Next Week

Chef Aaron Silverman has been teasing diners with pop-ups previewing his Barracks Row restaurant Rose's Luxury for more than a year. Now, the veteran of McCrady's in South Carolina and Momofuku Noodle Bar in New York is nearing his restaurant's official debut, scheduled for next Wednesday. The menu is broken down into four sections of small [...]

What’s in a Name?

Some restaurateurs claim one of the hardest parts of opening up a restaurant is figuring out what to call it. And lately, they’ve been coming up with some pretty strange-sounding ideas. We took a look at how six new or soon-to-open eateries got their names. Hogo 1017 7th St. NW The new rum bar from [...]