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Room 11’s New Head Chef: Neil Negri

Chef Neil Negri, who started at Room 11 as a line cook back in April, will be the wine bar and restaurant's new executive chef. Negri previously worked stints at Zaytinya, America Eats Tavern, Big Bear Cafe, and Sakuramen. Negri has already been adding his own dishes to the eclectic menu at Room 11 over […]

Petworth Citizen & Reading Room Coming Soon

Petworth Citizen & Reading Room—a bar, restaurant, and free book library—is set to open later this week at 829 Upshur St. NW in Petworth. It's one of two restaurants/bars coming to Upshur Street from Room 11 and The Passenger co-owner Paul Ruppert. Across from Petworth Citizen will be a yet-unnamed French-Japanese restaurant. Chef Makoto Hamamura, […]

Brood and Drink: Cicada Recipe Suggestions

In the coming weeks, Cicada Brood II will invade the D.C. area. Instead of whipping out the bug spray, reach for a frying pan. Cicadas are edible, and possibly even delicious. (Plus, the sizzle of hot oil is far more appealing than the deafening rattle of cicadas’ mating calls.) Nymph cicadas have a chewy texture, […]

Cocktail Guess: Make Me a Drink for Christmas

Where: Maple, 3418 11th St. NW Bartender Response: “It was a dark and stormy night before Christmas.” What We Got: A Dark and Stormy with dark rum and Fever-Tree ginger beer Price: $10 How It Tasted: Generous with the ice, cold as a white Christmas, and heavy on the ginger Improv Points (1–5): 3. Perfect […]

Sauce-O-Meter: How the Week’s Food Happenings Measure Up

Coffee, Pastries, and Vermouth on Tap at Expanded Room 11

Room 11 is set to open its expanded bar and dining area tomorrow, serving coffee and pastries by day and amaro, aperitifs, and vermouths at night. The expanded space will open at 8 a.m. every day for fresh-baked pastries and coffee from local roasters Ceremony and Vigilante, then transition to lunch and a light drink menu […]

Cocktail Guess: It’s My Birthday. Make Me a drink.

Location: Room 11, 3234 11th St. NW Bartender Response: “What if I made you what I’d like to drink on my birthday?” What We Got: The 4th Regiment with Redemption rye, Dolin Rouge sweet vermouth, Peychaud’s bitters, Regan’s Orange Bitters No. 6, and Scrappy’s celery bitters with a lemon peel How It Tasted: Sweet, savory, […]

Market Research: Fennel

You can thank Room 11 sous chef Jerry Busher’s fiancée for the raw fennel salad on the menu of the Columbia Heights restaurant. She prefers the raw vegetable over the cooked version, so for New Year’s Eve, Busher composed a simple salad for her with chopped fennel, chives, lemon vinaigrette, and Piave (a hard cow’s […]

Market Research: Lemon Cucumbers

What: Lemon cucumbers are an heirloom variety that is easily mistaken for summersquash at first glance. The spherical vegetables range from plum- to apple-sized and have thin orange- and yellow-streaked skin. The inside flesh is tender and has a white-green cast. Cleo Braver of Cottingham Farm in Maryland recommends them on aesthetic grounds alone. She […]

Birch & Barley Crew’s Uncensored Night on the Town

What do chefs do when they're not getting other people to eat and drink? Eat and drink, of course. Birch & Barley chef Kyle Bailey, pastry chef (and Bailey's wife) Tiffany MacIsaac, and beer director Greg Engert are featured hitting the town on their night off in the chef-focused video series called Munchies on […]