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Where to Eat Beaver Next Week

John Snedden knows muskrat is a tough sell to diners, but that's not stopping him from turning them into a stew. “That’s something they’ve never seen on the dinner table,” he says. The owner of Rocklands Barbeque and Grilling Company brings “Grills Gone Wild” back to all four of its Washington-area restaurants next week to kick […]

Rocklands Barbeque Launches Food Truck

After 22 years and four brick-and-mortar locations, Rocklands Barbeque and Grilling Company has launched a food truck. Food Truck Fiesta reported a rumor about the truck yesterday, and owner John Snedden confirms to Y&H that the truck's first official day is today. Snedden says he's been thinking about operating a food truck for years, but […]