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Critic Robert Sietsema: D.C. Food Scene Doesn’t Suck Any More

Gee golly, they like us! Holier-than-thou New York foodies, be humbled: Village Voice restaurant critic Robert Sietsema (fifth cousin to Washington Post critic Tom Sietsema) has officially bestowed upon D.C. his stamp of approval. In fact, he says D.C.—gasp!—"beats New York in a few categories." Here's a taste of what he had to say about […]

South Park Sinks Its Teeth into Food TV Culture

Creme Fraiche Tags: SOUTH PARKRandy Marsh,Sharon Marsh,more... Anthony Bourdain may have been among the first to skewer the vapidity of celebrity chef TV culture, but South Park has taken it to a whole new level with its recent "Creme Fraiche" episode. The animators eviscerated the Food Network and its many imitators, leaving no sacred cow […]

Firefly Does Its Own Elvis Impersonation

Elvis Presley's love of greasy foods has been well-chronicled, not to mention exploited for profit, criticized by pampered urbanites, and even blamed for the King's untimely death at age 42. I can't think of a single person, living or dead, who had such terrible eating habits and yet inspired so much copy about his favorite […]