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Robb Walsh on How to Make Taco Truck Salsa

My old colleague at the Houston Press recently left his post there as restaurant critic and is now doing service journalism of another sort: demonstrating how to prepare Texas/Tex-Mex dishes, complete with videos showing his once well-concealed mug. One piece of advice, Robb: Zoom in on that food, dude! It's nice seeing your face now, […]

The Latest Fusion: Latin-Vietnamese Menus in Wheaton

Maybe this trend has been around awhile and I've just overlooked it, but this weekend while I was tooling around Wheaton, I found not one but two restaurants that mix Latin and Vietnamese food. Technically this isn't fusion fusion, in that these establishments aren't combining ingredients from the two cuisines into something unique. It's more like […]

Houston Food Critic Gets Swine Flu, Keeps On Eating for a Living

Jay Francis serves as Walsh's cheese supplier My bud Robb Walsh, the restaurant critic for the Houston Press, may be the first food writer in the country to catch swine flu. Or, as Walsh wondered aloud on his Twitter feed, the "first one dumb enough to admit it?" Truth be told, Walsh thinks he has […]

Journalists, Fans Respond to Condé Nast’s Decision to Kill Gourmet Magazine

Rumors had been circulating for weeks about pending cutbacks at either Gourmet or Bon Appetit, but Condé Nast's decision today to ax editor Ruth Reichl's print baby sent shock waves through the food community (even if Gourmet's book publishing and TV operations will continue, as will the Web site). In his business story for the […]

D.C. Is Big on Process, Not Processed Cheese

Y&H doesn't typically spend months researching each and every column he writes. For reasons of personal sanity and this daily little time suck, my columns need to be researched and written at a much faster clip. But this week's Young & Hungry, the second installment of our Stealing Home series, literally took months to bring […]

A Primer on Texas Barbecue for You Carolina Non-Believers

I was trying to find a good video clip on carne ahumada, the smoked meats of Mexico, when I tripped upon this gem from what looks like the History Channel. It goes a long way toward explaining why Texans are so crazy about their style of barbecue.

Daily Food Blog Roundup: Alt Paper Blogs

It's time Y&H gave some of its alt brothers and sisters a little love—and Web traffic. Very little Web traffic, we're sure. We expect little in return. Fork in the Road has tapped into the latest H2O trend: designer tap water. Y&H wonders what pairs well with lead?

Urban to Offer Meats Fresh from the Smoker on Saturday

I've had a number of barbecue mentors over the years, but none more influential than Robb Walsh, the author of Legends of Texas Barbecue Cookbook. He once told me—well, he repeatedly told me, but that's Walsh—that you have to hit a barbecue joint as soon as it opens, so that the meats come straight out […]

Corn Bread Is Not A Dessert

Until I moved to the District, I presumed corn bread was, by and large, a savory product, punctuated perhaps with bits of jalapeno and/or cheddar cheese. But in the years since I moved here, I've only found the sweet version in restaurants. Most recently, I had some sweet corn muffins at Ardeo in Cleveland Park […]

How to Make ‘Atomic Deer Turds’

Earlier this week, my buddy Robb Walsh at the Houston Press developed his own recipe for "Atomic Deer Turds," otherwise known as venison sausage balls in polite company. Walsh may eat these dragon-breathed babies for breakfast—couldn't get your hands on a Naga Jolokia pepper injected with kerosene, Robb?—but they seem more appropriate for Redskins tailgating.