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Crunch Time: Potato Chip Blind Taste Test

José Andrés’ new line of Spanish food products debuted at Whole Foods across the region this week. The collection includes everything from sherry vinegar to olives to sea urchin. But the top-selling item since the line launched earlier this summer? Potato chips with extra virgin olive oil and Himalayan pink salt. Think Food Group CEO […]

The Shopping Channel: Why Restaurants Are Drawn to the Shiny Lights of Grocery Store Shelves

The hummus and harissa preparations began just before midnight, after the customers and staff cleared out. The Cava Mezze retail team worked through the night at what was then their sole restaurant location in Rockville. They’d use blow dryers to seal on the plastic over their containers of dip and package it all up on […]

Future of Minibar, Cafe Atlantico ‘Uncertain’

Does anyone at Think Food Group have a clear idea of what the future will hold for Minibar (closed until July 12), Cafe Atlantico (closed indefinitely) and America Eats Tavern (temporarily open)? Not exactly. After getting conflicting reports from chef José Andrés and his business partner, Rob Wilder, as well as other TFG charges, Y&H […]

What to Make of Bebo’s Closing and Donna’s Future?

The Post's Tom Sietsema broke the news yesterday that Y&H had predicted, with no great aclarity, back in February: Roberto Donna's informal Crystal City restaurant, Bebo Trattoria, has closed. Can we take a forensic pathologist's approach to the death of Bebo and draw any conclusions? Probably not, since we can only examine the patient from […]

THINKfoodGROUP’s Rob Wilder Discusses the Minibar’s Future

Judging by all the haters out there (BTW, my wife's got you in her sights, bettyjoan!), the highlight of Anthony Bourdain's recent No Reservations episode on D.C. was his visit to Jose Andres' minibar inside Cafe Atlantico. And why not? Andres plays the role of mad genius well, and the minibar is his laboratory. THINKfoodGROUP, […]