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Mexican Restaurants Won’t Let Limepocalypse Change Their Cinco de Mayo Plans

Between storms, tree disease, and citrus-stealing cartels in Mexico, limes have been in short supply this year, hiking up costs for margarita makers. But that doesn't mean D.C. Mexican restaurants and bars are going to let a little Limepocalypse sour their Cinco de Mayo deals. Richard Sandoval Restaurants Beverage Director Rob Day, who oversees the […]

Spirit Animals: New Bars Are Diving Deep on Rakia, Mezcal, and Absinthe. What Are They Drinking?

The bartender at Adams Morgan’s Libertine slides the absinthe fountain in front of us, opening the faux-silver spigot and letting out a slow drip. The water falls on a slotted spoon of brown sugar, dissolving it into a curvy glass of French Absinthe Blanchette—one of more than 30 varieties of the anise-flavored spirit on the […]

Remixology: Make Us a Drink With Wheat Grass Juice

Where: El Centro D.F., 1819 14th St. NW Bartender: Rob Day, regional beverage director for Richard Sandoval Restaurants Mystery Ingredient: Wheat grass juice liquid extract Bartender Response: “Let me taste this first,” Day said. When told wheat grass juice is a health food, he said, “It doesn’t do anything for me.” What We Got: A […]