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Ristorante Posto Closes on 14th Street

The restaurant had a seven year run.

Quick Feeding: Uniontown as an Anacostia Incubator

Restaurant Real Estate: Y&H's colleague over at Housing Complex, Lydia DePillis, points out how the process of reaching Anacostia's new Uniontown Bar and Grill by foot will bring many newcomers to the stretch of Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue between the neighborhood's Green Line station and W Street SE. And that should lead to additional […]

Restaurateurs Keep Rolling Out the Pizza Joints

French Non-Resistance: Petits Plats goes Italian with Pizze. It's a sign of the times that local restaurateurs continue to place their trust in the good ol' Italian pie. Cheaper to produce than many other dishes — and one with an expansive, built-in fan base — pizza has become the low-risk option for a number of new and/or […]

Wemple Will Take Sargento Over the Freshly Shaved Shit Anyday

Snuck out to Ristorante Posto on Saturday night. I’d heard some good things and some mediocre things about this new Logan Circle hotspot, and they were confirmed by and large. Good, bountiful entree of pasta and seafood, though hardly exceptional. Great green salad. But I am not here to speak about the food that comes […]

Jose Andres’ Fancy New L.A. Crib Defies the Economic Downturn

So writes Reuters' lifestyle reporter Mary Milliken, who has this to say about The Bazaar in Beverly Hills: Spanish celebrity chef Jose Andres worked on his Beverly Hills venture The Bazaar for two and a half years, only to open in the midst of the worst economic and financial downturn in decades. But Andres may […]

Cardoons for Christmas at Ristorante Posto

You'd never know the economy's in recession by stepping foot into the new Ristorante Posto on 14th Street NW, in the space formerly occupied by Viridian. A friend and I had to wait 30 minutes for a two-top on a Tuesday night, which gave us plenty of time to admire the transformation of the main […]