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Top Chef Recap: Pride Restored


Chef Marjorie Meek-Bradley Will Pay Homage to Pastrami at Smoked & Stacked

The Shaw shop will open next spring.

Roofers Union Converts First Floor to Wine Bar Called Jug & Table

The restaurant will offer jugs of wine with the equivalent of 2.5 bottles.

Underserved: Ripple’s Ode to an Appletini

It's way better than an appletini.

Drink Your Veggies

It’s finally spring—but if you don’t believe the weather, check your highball glass. You’ll find a farmers’ market’s worth of vegetables in seasonal cocktails around town. And none of them is a bloody mary. CELERY Bourbon Steak: Head bartender Jamie MacBain created his Skaal cocktail while working in Portland, Ore. The mix of celery juice, […]

Get Your Gourmet Dirty-Water Dogs and Corn Dogs at Roofers Union Tonight

The group behind Cleveland Park’s Ripple officially opens Roofers Union in the Reef’s former space tonight. The restaurant will showcase Ripple chef Marjorie Meek-Bradley’s take on everyday, casual foods, like cipollini onions rings, bratwurst, and andouille corn dogs. Unlike its more upscale sister restaurant, Roofers Union will offer a fairly constant menu at lower prices, with dishes […]

What to Expect From Roofers Union, Coming to Adams Morgan

One of the favorite complaints of U Street or Dupont Circle NIMBYs is that they don't want their neighborhoods to become "the next Adams Morgan." But Adams Morgan seems like a pretty desirable place to be lately—even more so with a new restaurant coming from the team behind Cleveland Park's Ripple. Roofers Union, located in […]

Pastry Chef Alison Reed Leaves Ripple

Ripple pastry chef Alison Reed has parted ways with the Cleveland Park eatery and is headed to Kansas, where she plans to open a bakery of her own. Reed grew up in Kansas but has lived in D.C. for the past nine years, working for places like Cafe Saint-Ex and the Mandarin Oriental Hotel. This […]

Brood and Drink: Cicada Recipe Suggestions

In the coming weeks, Cicada Brood II will invade the D.C. area. Instead of whipping out the bug spray, reach for a frying pan. Cicadas are edible, and possibly even delicious. (Plus, the sizzle of hot oil is far more appealing than the deafening rattle of cicadas’ mating calls.) Nymph cicadas have a chewy texture, […]

How to Make Ripple’s “Eat the Lemon” Cocktail

Holiday time equals drinking time. But instead of packing on the Christmas 15 on a steady diet of egg nog, Ripple bartender Josh Berner taught us how to make a lighter, more refreshing holiday drink called "Eat the Lemon." Berner initially created this sparkling wine-based cocktail for his summer menu, but with the peppermint flavor, it's […]