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New Haven Pizza: If It’s Not Neapolitan, What Is It?

The opening of the second outlet of Pete's New Haven Style Apizza provided me with the perfect opportunity to look into the classic pie and try to understand its defining qualities.  Here's one thing I learned during the process of reporting this week's Young & Hungry column: New Haven pizza-makers consider their product Neapolitan-style, which […]

New Haven Pizza and Its Connections to Naples and D.C.

This week's Young & Hungry will examine New Haven pizza from several different perspectives: What characteristics define it? What is its connection to Neapolitan pies? And how has it been interpreted by two separate pizza parlors in D.C.? To put the column together, I conducted hours of interviews with pizza makers both here and in […]

Pete’s to Open Two New Locations. Y&H to Try to Understand New Haven Pizza.

The famous clam pie at Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana New Haven-style pizza — better known as "apizza" (pronounced "ah-BEETS") to the natives — has created several generations of pie eaters who will settle for nothing less than a crispy, chewy, and charred round straight from the coal-burning ovens at Frank Pepe or Sally's, both located […]