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About That “Review” Which Isn’t One

As regular readers of this blog probably recognize, Y&H offers all sorts of  food-related content. There's a morning round up of food news and commentary from around the web that I call "Last Night's Leftovers." There's a daily link to our regularly updated food events calendar. You'll also find original reporting, as well as commentary […]

Is Tom Sietsema’s Review of the Mussel Bar His Harshest on Record?

The review hasn't even officially hit doorsteps yet, but the foodie blogosphere is already buzzing about Tom Sietsema's take-down of the Mussel Bar, chef Robert Wiedmaier's kind of/sort of Brasserie Beck knock-off in Bethesda. Here are the pertinent grafs from Sietsema's half-star pan:

Vox Populi: Two Different Takes on the Russia House

It's been a long time since Y&H gave some love to our Restaurant Raters — too long, in fact.  I guess you could say we're back with a vengeance with this edition of Vox Populi. Not one, but two readers have chimed in with reviews of the Russia House, the Dupont Circle establishment where you […]

What the Critics Are Saying About ‘Top Chef’ D.C.

Was Tamesha played by Angelo? I'm sorry, but I had to take a break from Top Chef D.C. for awhile. I can only take so much "reality" TV beofre my head feels like it's shrinking to the size of a jelly bean, ready to be eaten by the first self-starving former runway model hosting one […]

Food News You Can Use: The Sam Kass Is Hot Edition

If there was any theme to Wednesday night's episode of Top Chef D.C., it had to be this: Assistant White House chef Sam Kass is a total, to-die-for hunk, more than deserving of his spot on People magazine's list of the 100 most beautiful people. Serious Eats found Kass good enough to eat: "This week […]

Sniffing Out Yelp Reviews: Are They Trustworthy?

The mozzarella in corrozza at Sergio's I realize that this may come across as self-serving — as in, gosh, you should trust Y&H over those folks on various community sites — but after I read these reviews on Yelp about Sergio’s Ristorante Italiano, my interest in and suspicions about the place swelled to equal proportions. […]

Mike Judge’s ‘Extract': You’re Beginning to Look Like a DVD Rental

Yeah, that's right, Y&H had high hopes for Mike Judge's new comedy, Extract, which is set in a food flavoring factory. I was hoping for something as dementedly funny as the scene from Judge's Office Space, in which a gaggle of cubicle drones drags a malfunctioning fax machine into the woods and beats the crap out […]

Vox Populi: Restaurant Raters Can Become Published Food Reviewers

Long before there was Yelp, there was the City Paper's Restaurant Raters, an army of well-armed (and palate-ed) diners who share their thoughts on the many places to eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner in the metro area. After years of treating our raters like Britney treats her children, we've decided to re-energize the program. Really, […]

Cantankerous Critic Can’t Cook Worth a Crap

In a piece that must send every chef's heart aflutter, the New York Times tells the story today of François Simon, France's most notorious food critic, who willingly took over the tiny Le Cochon à l’Oreille bistro and cooked for five straight nights. The reviews were harsh, though, to be fair, not as harsh as some of Simon's […]