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The ’Wiching Hour: Duke’s Grocery’s Ruby on Rye

The Sandwich: Ruby on Rye Where: Duke’s Grocery, 1715 17th St. NW Price: $9 Bread: Toasted “farmhouse” rye Stuffings: Salt beef (what Brits call corned beef), Jarlsberg cheese, pickles, dill mustard, house ’kraut Thickness: 4.25 inches Sloppiness level (1 to 5): 2. Although bits of beef and sauerkraut flee the sandwich as soon as you […]

So Hot Right Now: The Reuben

Reubens are showing up on all types of menus right now. And not just in sandwich form (though there are plenty of those, too). There are also reuben-inspired knishes, hot dogs, and even pasta dishes. DGS Delicatessen offers a fairly traditional version with a combination of corned beef and pastrami, both of which are brined […]

Tunnicliff’s Tavern Comes Close to the Reuben of My Dreams

Late at night, while the rest of the city dreams of illicit encounters and lost loved ones, I dream about the perfect Reuben sandwich. In my nocturnal haze, I’m at a bar, my fingers wrapped around two lightly buttered, not-so-greasy, perfectly toasted pieces of rye. My teeth sink into meltingly tender slices of corned beef […]

Paradiso’s Ruth Gresser on Cooking Schools and Other Subjects

The Reluctant Gourmet has a good, friendly interview with Ruth Gresser, in which the owner and chef behind Pizzeria Paradiso talks about her background, her decision to open a pizza joint, and whether cooking school is necessary for a chef. Here are three things I learned about Gresser: