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Rage Against the Latrine: Can Bars Elevate Bathroom Graffiti and Penis Sketches?

The assault on the rabbi might have stung the most. The staff of Red Derby discovered the bathroom painting defaced with thick, black marker scrawls one night about two years ago. Not long after, George Washington and the Virgin Mary were hit. Like barroom kudzu, the graffiti had spread slowly throughout the walls of the […]

Women Can See Guys Pee in Toro Toro’s Restrooms

Toro Toro already looks like sort of like a chic prison with its floor-to-ceiling metal bars and jumpsuit orange accents. But the newly opened Pan-Latin steakhouse also has something else in common with lock-up: not a lot of privacy when you pee. The men’s and women’s restrooms share a trough-like sink divided by a mirror, […]

How Big Is Your Sausage? Measure Up at B Too

Racy restroom art is nothing new, but it seems every new restaurant is trying to one-up the last with provocation while you pee. The latest example: B Too, the modern Belgian bistro coming to Logan Circle in May from Belga chef Bart Vandaele. The men's restroom has the silhouette of a man with a cleaver on the […]

Farmers Fishers Bakers Might Be the Country’s Largest Buyer of Bull Castrators

Farmers Fishers Bakers is really concerned about men peeing on the floor of the restroom. That's why the Georgetown Waterfront restaurant has mounted a warning sign above the urinals—in the form of bull testicle removers. "It's better than the sign 'please don't pee on our floor,'" says GrizForm Design Architects' Griz Dwight, who designed the restaurant. The idea, he says, […]