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José Andrés Serves His Mother’s Flan at Jaleo. Or Something Like It.

Hate to remind you but Sunday is Mother's Day, which just happens to be the No. 1 day to dine out during the entire fricking calendar year. Which means that if you haven't booked a brunch reservation yet, you better start planning that home-cooked meal now. Perhaps José Andrés can help. The ever-expanding celebrity chef […]

15 Ways That Chefs and Food Writers Are Alike

Don't ask why, but the other day, I started thinking about how chefs and food writers are alike, how our similarities may outweigh our differences. Maybe I was hoping both sides in this parasitic relationship could see each other with more clarity. Or maybe I was just looking for another blog item. Whatever, below are a few […]

The Hidden Cost of Snow Storms for Restaurateurs

The ground beef and buns arrived today, which meant that all three locations of BGR: The Burger Joint could finally reopen for business. Now co-owner Mark Bucher is just waiting for the bill. Nope, not for delivering supplies in blizzard conditions. But for something with a potentially higher price tag: shoveling. "The real 'hurt'," e-mails Bucher […]

Cabin Fever Setting In? Get to One of These Restaurants or Bars.

Ristorante Tosca and chef Massimo Fabbri are ready to serve you It goes without saying (but here we go anyway) that ingredients and employees are the life blood of the restaurant industry and that, without them, no eatery can remain open. Both have been in short supply over the past couple of days. But as the […]

Who’ll Keep You Warm, Fed and Happy During ‘Cluster Flake’? The Working List.

The storm ain't got nothing on the Philly boys at Taylor Gourmet I figured I better start compiling this list now before Carrie and I lose our Internet connection (again), our power, and our ability to open the front door and scream for help. So without further ado, here are the restaurants and bars that […]

Baum + Whiteman’s No. 1 Food and Dining Trend for 2010? Lots of Economic Fear.

Baum + Whiteman has been a restaurant consulting group since the '70s. The dudes know a few things about the hospitality biz, so when the company releases its annual food and dining trends for the coming year, restaurateurs tend to listen. (Or razz B+W for predicting "tongue" meat would become huge.) Restaurateurs may want to […]

The Key to Chez François’ Long Success? Dropping the French Stuffiness.

For this week's Young & Hungry column, I spent part of the afternoon with François Haeringer, the 90-year-old owner and founding chef of L'Auberge Chez François, the French country restaurant in Great Falls that can trace its roots back to 1954 in downtown D.C. In reporting the story, I spoke with Mark Furstenberg, the master […]

Y&H Doesn’t Plan to Trash the Place

Not the chops in question...and I don't plan to reveal the real ones. I may lose respect with Former Staffer (see below), but after considerable deliberation, I have decided to save my powder for another day. I'm not going to empty my guns on the unfortunate restaurant that caused me to seek the counsel of […]

Deer Dines and Dashes from Michigan Restaurant

You know the thing that amazes me about this video? How the deer crashes through the plate glass at this Livonia, Mich. restaurant, but then exits politely and quickly through the front door. I mean, if the poor deer had opposable thumbs, he'd have entered through the proper door to begin with.

Is It Time to Revamp America’s Tipping System?

That's the question floated recently over at the Atlantic Food Channel, where Corby Kummer suggested that America's tipping culture is broken and needs to be fixed. Y&H has understood for more than two years now what kind of animosity tipping can bring out in diners. For those who don't remember, or missed it altogether, check […]