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Which Restaurants Gave Political Donations?

Today’s the day to hit the polls for D.C.’s Democratic primaries, but many local restaurants have already weighed in on the mayor's race via campaign contributions. Based on Y&H's nonexhaustive search through mayoral campaign disclosures, Ward 2 Councilmember Jack Evans and Mayor Vince Gray are favorites among local restaurants. (It's worth noting that Ward 6 […]

Restaurant Folks Make Snowmen and Snow Bars

Even Frosty is hitting the bars. Several local restaurants and watering holes have built snowmen—and in one case, a snow bar—in front of their establishments. Check out their melting sculptures below and email additional photos to Capitol Lounge:

These Restaurants and Bars Are Closed for Snow

Warning! While there are plenty of food and drink deals to be had today, some bars and restaurants are actually closed. So, don't bother trekking out to the places below. Send info about further closures to Agua 301 (closed for lunch) The Arsenal (closed for lunch, bar opens at 4 p.m.) Astro Doughnuts & Fried […]

Roast of the Town: Why Are We So Touchy About D.C. Becoming a Great Food City?

It’s no secret that everyone loves to hate Washington. We’re used to insults:  “a city running on exploitation,” “District of Crapola,” a place akin to the Capitol in The Hunger Games. Yeah, yeah, yeah, whatever. To really get under Washingtonians’ skin, you have to talk smack about our food. You think our pizza is subpar? […]

Here’s Video of Alan Popovsky Showing Off Lincoln’s Lascivious Lavatory

This week's City Paper cover story explores the bizarre phenomenon of sexy bathroom artwork in D.C. restaurants. One stop on our tour of the city's most lascivious lavatories: Lincoln restaurant in downtown D.C. Here's the video I mentioned, filmed by the online news service Dining Bisnow, in which proprietor Alan Popovsky shows off the place. […]

It’s D.C. Restaurant Week. Do You Care?

Monday marks the start of "Restaurant Week" in the District, with more than 200 area restaurants participating in the price-fixed meal promotion. This time around, lunch is set at $20.11 and dinner is $35.11. (Read the full list of participating eateries here.) For diners, the upside is simple: the deal offers you the chance to […]

Do Food Trucks ‘Steal’ Customers from Brick-And-Mortar Restaurants?

Some brick-and-mortar restaurant (and food cart) owners certainly think so. Drew Costley and Andrew George hit the streets to ask Washingtonians how sympathetic they are to these complaints as the food truck war wages on.

Food Truck Operators Talk About the Mean Streets of D.C.

This insightful video, produced by Drew Costley and Andrew George, is part of this week's cover story on food trucks and the regulatory battle they face to keep their business alive. Listen to three food truck owners explain some of the difficulties they face on the streets of D.C.

‘Washington Confidential’ on D.C. Dining and Nightlife Circa 1950s

Jack Lait and Lee Mortimer were a couple of New York City newspapermen who had the chutzpah in 1951 to publish a book, Washington Confidential (*), that promised the "low-down on the big town." The writers had earlier published Chicago Confidential, which, according to the dust jacket for WC, "was viciously attacked and vilified by […]

José Andrés Serves His Mother’s Flan at Jaleo. Or Something Like It.

Hate to remind you but Sunday is Mother's Day, which just happens to be the No. 1 day to dine out during the entire fricking calendar year. Which means that if you haven't booked a brunch reservation yet, you better start planning that home-cooked meal now. Perhaps José Andrés can help. The ever-expanding celebrity chef […]