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Actually, D.C. Has a Chick-fil-A, You Just Have To Find It

D.C.'s much talked-about Chick-fil-A food truck isn't hitting the streets for a little bit longer. In the meantime, folks craving some waffle fries (which the truck apparently won’t be serving) can still head over to Catholic University—home to the District's only existing outpost of the Georgia-based fried chicken chain. Well, sort of, anyway. Adam Fox, […]

Polite Dinner Conversation at Sax: Who Put Pubic Hair On My Coke?

There's an old saying: "No politics or religion at the dinner table." But at the brand-spankin' new Sax lounge and restaurant in downtown D.C., which debuted with a splashy opening party on Wednesday night, such taboo topics of discussion are highly encouraged, over meals starting at $75 per person. The lavish location is decorated with […]

Virgin Mary Gummi Bear Is Yours for $1,000 on eBay

The Virgin Mary has beamed her blessed countenance from the surface of a grilled cheese sandwich, a shrink-wrapped package of pot-roast meat, an oyster shell, a rotted seedless grape, and an ordinary potato. But now she's been shape shifted into the form of a Gummi Bear. And because no spontaneous moment of religious revelation can […]