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D.C. Distilleries Can Now Serve Cocktails, But They Can’t Operate Full Bars

The local laws governing distilleries have come a long way since 2012.

Why Didn’t the Restaurant Association Submit Comments on Food Truck Regs?

Over the past few years, the Restaurant Association Metropolitan Washington has had plenty to say about how mobile vendors should be regulated in D.C., often butting heads with the food truck community. The association submitted lengthy public comments to the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs in the past three rounds of rulemaking. But the […]

It’s Your Last Day to Comment on Proposed New Food Truck Regulations

Got something to say about the future for food trucks in D.C.? You have until 5 p.m. today to submit a comment to the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs. Email DCRA Legislative Affairs Specialist Helder Gil at Under the proposed rules, the city would create 23 special zones—from Farragut Square to Union Station to L'Enfant Plaza—where a […]

If Bars And Restaurants Can Stay Open Later, Why Not Food Trucks?

A handful of restaurateurs, including Lost Society's David Karim and Teatro Goldoni's Seyhan Duru, voiced their support this week for Mayor Vincent Gray's proposal to extend hours of alcohol service at D.C. bars and restaurants until as late as 4 a.m. on weekends. The mayor's plan is intended to raise an estimated $5.3 million in […]

Food Truckers Endorse D.C.’s New Regs (With Conditions)

The D.C. Food Truck Association today formally expressed its support for the District government's proposed new vending regulations—with a few caveats, of course. (Read Y&H's breakdown of who most benefits from the rule changes here.) The group's official press release contains no big surprises. In short, the association thinks that: (a) the rule limiting dessert […]

For Food Trucks, Any New Rules Are Good Rules

The D.C. government on Friday released its long-awaited new regulations to govern how food trucks operate in the District. (The Post has the full 67-page rulemaking here.) For operators of the popular roving nosh mobiles, the mere publication of new rules in this morning's D.C. Register represents something of a victory. "We are desperate for […]

Last Night’s Leftovers: Hormone-Free, Veggie-Fed Edition

Newly proposed rules for D.C. food trucks include “vending development zones” allowing neighborhoods to decide how many mobile vendors can operate in their area. [WaPo] Does paying a little more for that hormone-free, veggie-fed beef burger at Black & Orange make you feel good enough to justify the money? [A Hamburger Today] ChurchKey not only […]

The Red Tape Gap: Just One Reason Why D.C. Restaurants Hate Food Trucks

"Restaurant outdoor dining necessitates 18 different reviews prior to obtaining a public space license, there does appear to be a disparity between such a lengthy regulatory process and using public space almost at will."—Lynne Breaux, executive director of the Restaurant Association Metropolitan Washington, explaining her organization's position on food trucks to the Washington Post Photo […]

Washingtonians Speak Up on Whether the City Should Put Restrictions on Food Trucks

Brick-and-mortar restaurants would like to see food trucks affixed to permanent sites or restricted to parking spots 100 feet away from any licensed eatery (which would essentially ban the mobile vendors from downtown). Drew Costley and Andrew George hit the streets themselves to ask you if D.C. should put restrictions on these rolling snack bars.