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Craft Work: H Street NE’s Original Culinary Gentrifier Reinvents Itself

All sorts of foods go well with beer, and all sorts of brews pair well with food. Spicy hot wings and lukewarm lager? A classic combo. But, chocolate stout-flavored chicken wings? The District’s craft beer craze has officially hopped the suds shark. The dark chocolaty poultry stands out like a greasy black thumb from even […]

Brickskeller Chatter: Anticipated Closing Draws Near

It seemed this day was inevitable. The owners of the Brickskeller, who have been looking for a buyer for the venerable tavern and inn on 22nd Street NW near Dupont Circle, may have found one. Details are still sketchy—like whether the Brickskeller name will move to its sibling restaurant/brewpub in Chinatown, Regional Food and Drink. […]

The Salad Daze: Farewell, Young & Hungry

The first Young & Hungry column I wrote, almost five years ago, was a review of Miss Saigon in Georgetown. I was auditioning for the job of food columnist for Washington City Paper, and these were my marching orders in December 2005: critique a Vietnamese restaurant that no one cared about. I was puzzled, but […]