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The Real Reason Why Squirrel Meat Isn’t Used in Brunswick Stew Anymore

About two years ago, I wrote a column on Brunswick stew and how difficult it was to find the real thing, even in Virginia, one of two states that claim to be the birthplace of the hearty hash of smoked meats and practically every vegetable that hasn't gone to rot in your pantry. Most of […]

Daily Food Blog Roundup: Timeless Regional Cuisine

Something about the nature of the Web, it doesn't like to look back. It's sort of a deeply ingrained, Orpheus-like fear that if we glance briefly over our shoulders, we'll somehow forever miss the latest post on Wonkette or DCist or, hell, even Prince of Petworth and our entire future will be blacker than Bernie Madoff's heart. No, the […]

Which Super Bowl Contender Has Better Food?

Endless Simmer isn't waiting for the Arizona Cardinals and Pittsburgh Steelers to settle the score on the field this Sunday. The blog has decided to pick a winner based on which locale has better food. It's a tough contest, mostly because both regions appear to have a huge weakness for excess. Pittsburgh, for example, has […]