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Orange Anchor, Opening Along the Georgetown Waterfront, Will Deliver to Boats

The owner's boat is named "Knot Yours."

Second State Will Charge $1 Extra for Artisanal Ice

And yet, the restaurant says it still doesn't make money from the ice.

“Cabin-Style” Copperwood Tavern Opens in Shirlington Today

Now even rusty saws are making their way into hip dining room designs. The look of Shirlington  "cabin-style" restaurant and bar Copperwood Tavern? Try L.L. Bean-meets-Walter White hideout-meets-moonshine distillery. The restaurant—from the team behind Irish Whiskey, The Mighty Pint, and Wilson Tavern—was designed by O'Neill Studio's Maggie O'Neill, who has also worked on places like Teddy […]