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Metro-Themed Eatery, Union Social, Opens in NoMa

The majority of the menu is meant for groups, with shareable plates like “social dips."

Orange Anchor, Opening Along the Georgetown Waterfront, Will Deliver to Boats

The owner's boat is named "Knot Yours."

Second State Will Charge $1 Extra for Artisanal Ice

And yet, the restaurant says it still doesn't make money from the ice.

“Cabin-Style” Copperwood Tavern Opens in Shirlington Today

Now even rusty saws are making their way into hip dining room designs. The look of Shirlington  "cabin-style" restaurant and bar Copperwood Tavern? Try L.L. Bean-meets-Walter White hideout-meets-moonshine distillery. The restaurant—from the team behind Irish Whiskey, The Mighty Pint, and Wilson Tavern—was designed by O'Neill Studio's Maggie O'Neill, who has also worked on places like Teddy […]