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Let The Good Times Roll: Places Extending Restaurant Week

Get Enzo Fargione's cooking, at discounted prices, through Jan. 24 at Teatro Goldoni. I know, I know. You've got a million excuses why you haven't been able to do Restaurant Week. Your kid's sick. You've got too much work to do. Your car needs repairs. Your stars are out of alignment. Well, a number of restaurants are giving you a second chance […]

Is This the World’s First $15 Veggie Burger?

I ask the question with tongue pressed firmly in cheek, because I know, sure as hell, someone, somewhere has slapped an even higher price-tag on a veggie burger. Still, it wasn't that long ago people were bitching about paying $15 for a real hamburger. When will this madness end? The veg burger at Redwood combines […]

Recipe for Disaster: How the Economy Is Affecting Black’s Bar and Kitchen

Our periodic series in which we gauge how the global economic slow down is affecting local restaurants and what they are doing to combat it. This issue: Black's Bar and Kitchen in Bethesda. The Problem: Revenues are all over the place at Black's, says co-owner and chef Jeff Black. One week was slow "to the […]

Stachowski Out at Thirsty Bernie’s, Kitko Out at Redwood

It's been a bad day for chefs in the area. The Washingtonian is reporting that Jamie Stachowski, the mad genius of meat, is out at Thirsty Bernie Sports Bar & Grill. The Washington Post is reporting that Andrew Kitko "parted ways" with Redwood in Bethesda. I personally think Thirsty Bernie will suffer greatly without Stachowski. […]