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Cashion’s Eat Place Closed for Renovations Until Aug. 31

As I was walking back to the office after my first Red Hook Lobster Pound truck experience in Adams Morgan — more on that later — I noticed that Cashion's Eat Place was closed for the evening. More than closed, in fact. Chairs were upturned and resting on tables, while workers were doing something inside. […]

The Spy Diner Food Cart Gets an Upgrade

The other day, Y&H was returning to the office after lunch when I spotted the new Zola on the Go food cart, located not far from where the Spy Diner food cart used to cop a squat. Knowing that Zola and Spy City Cafe share the same parent group, I asked the man inside the […]

Free Treats Today at Hello Cupcake

Somehow it seems wrong to celebrate an anniversary and give your guests a gift. But from the moment doors open at 10 a.m. today, Hello Cupcake will pass out its namesake treats for free as part of its second anniversary celebration. I suspect people will be lining up outside the door on Dupont Circle well […]

Last Week’s Greatest Hits on Young & Hungry

Not even the lobster truck could compete with Five Guys Last week was one for the record books, thanks to the baffling whims of the interwebs. A four-paragraph item about Five Guys topping the hamburger category in the 2010 Zagat fast food survey went viral, generating tens of thousands of hits and causing our poor […]