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Market Research: Veal and Apricots

Ingredients: Veal and apricots What: Given Pepco’s performance after the now-infamous derecho, meals that can be cooked rapidly and outdoors are my priority. I asked Sandy Miller, owner of Pennsylvania’s Painted Hand Farm, for a thin cut of meat that pairs well with newly in-season apricots. “Veal is traditionally thought of as a fall food,” says […]

Market Research: Currants

Ingredient: Currants What: You’ve likely only encountered currants in preserved forms, either dried or cooked down into a jam. That’s a shame, because fresh, the translucent-skinned, tart globes are decadent. How to buy: Currants are in season through early July. Red and blue varieties are available from Reid’s Orchard, at the 14th and U streets […]

Granville Moore’s Maria Evans’ Christmas Lasagna

Young & Hungry asked some area chefs about some of their favorite holiday recipes. Maria Evans of Granville Moore's shared her family's recipe for lasagna, and as well as some insight about the dish: Every Christmas, my family makes lasagna. It has been that way for as long as I can remember. There's no great […]

Michel Richard’s Recipe for Chestnut Soup

Young & Hungry asked some area chefs about some of their favorite holiday recipes. Michel Richard of Citronelle and Central shared his mother's chestnut soup recipe. Michel Richard's Chestnut Soup (serves four) Ingredients: 8 oz. chestnuts (fresh or frozen out of shell) 2 oz. applewood smoked bacon 6 oz. white onion, diced small 3 cups […]

Meatless Eats: A Very Vegetarian Thanksgiving

With its gleaming, golden skin and (let's be honest) sheer size, the Thanksgiving turkey remains the holiday's marquee attraction. But the bird is not the only draw. In fact, cobbling together a meal with many, many meatless options offers a more interesting approach to dinner. Imagine your plate. Now, fill it with your favorites: mashed […]

Y&H’s All-Inclusive, Semi-Scary Halloween Eat and Drink Roundup

If you ask me what I remember from the Halloweens of my youth, it's always the candy. Not the costume, but the candy. In fact, as I'm writing this, I can't think of a single costume I wore as a kid, save for that ridiculous one-piece clown outfit that my grandmother had sewn for the […]

Forget Hollywood. Make Your Own Edible Zombie Brain.

Well, it is the time of year for this stuff, isn't it?

How to Make a Proper Negroni

The classic Negroni, with its mix of bitter and sweet, is one of my favorite cocktails. I find it the perfect aperitif. I also find that many bartenders have never heard of it. I cannot tell you how many times I have had to explain the recipe to a waiter, even at Italian restaurants. In […]

Got Leftover Easter Eggs? Has Tips.

Y&H's favorite food site has a number of recipes to help you consume those boiled, rainbow-colored orbs before they go bad. The site also has this handy video, featuring former Top Chef-fer Jamie Lauren, on how to make rich, velvety deviled eggs, should you have a few left in the fridge that still haven't touched […]

How to Make a Better Hoisin Sauce

See all Grocery reviewsat Expotv I always rotate my morning coffee spots. Yesterday, it was the Modern Times Coffeehouse, which I love visiting because I can first scan the bargain cookbook section at Politics & Prose before grabbing my coffee for the day. In my browsing yesterday, I found a  $6 copy of Chinese Cuisine by Susanna Foo, […]