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Pricey New Year’s Eve Dinner at Minibar Attracts a Whopping Two Bidders

You'll recall that José Andrés' avant-garde eatery Minibar—ranked No. 1 on City Paper's list of D.C.'s 44 Most Powerful Restaurants because "booking a reservation is harder than rescheduling a flight during a hurricane"—was auctioning off all six of its seats on New Year's Eve to the highest bidder. Advertised as "a rare opportunity to sidestep […]

WaPo Explains the Chilly Business Deal Behind Gifford’s Ice Cream

Stop whatever you're doing right now and read Michael S. Rosenwald's Sunday A-1 story about the nightmarish business deal that has marred the public face of Gifford's Ice Cream, a local company that can trace its roots back to 1938. The Post nailed this investigation into the small Silver Spring ice cream chain, whose wholesale […]

Sno’Body Knows the Troubles He’s Seen: The Cost of Closing Down Restaurant Eve

Everyone, it seems, is obsessed with the amount of money local jurisdictions are spending on snow removal, but consider how much money local restaurateurs are losing due to the storm(s). And then consider that they can't exactly apply for federal disaster relief. Cathal Armstrong, the chef/owner of Restaurant Eve, Eamonn's and The Majestic, figures he's lost […]

Latin Concepts Is Heading to…Pittsburgh?

Maybe I should have seen this coming earlier. The signs were right in front of me. Mauricio Fraga-Rosenfeld, the founder and owner of Latin Concepts, and his wife, Nesrin, who actually runs the company, had already pulled the plug on Ceviche in Glover Park and sold their experiment in Peruvian-chifa cuisine in Arlington. But yesterday, […]

The 2009 Blog Posts With the Longest Visits

All together now: It's pronounced "A-beets." This is a random category, yes, and I'm not sure what it says other than that some putz kept this page open on his browser for hours, presumably while doing other things, like typing out TPS reports or surfing for porn. But, hey, it's amusing to speculate who kept […]

Orange Juice Should Never Include Ice Cubes

Take a good look at this glass of juice. Does it look orange to you? It should, because the last time I checked, orange juice was supposed to be, you know, orange. But when I stopped by Columbia Firehouse recently for brunch, this is what they served when I asked for orange juice. It looks […]

Thanks for the Memories and Meals: D.C.’s Shuttered Restaurants

Yaku will be history by January. The poor economy keeps putting the squeeze on local restaurants. The latest to shut their doors (or scheduled to shut their doors) include Vegetate in Shaw, the  CPK on Connecticut Avenue, Yaku in Arlington, D'Acqua on Pennsylvania Avenue, Savory Cafe in Takoma Park, and Enjera Eritrean Restaurant and Bar […]

Baum + Whiteman’s No. 1 Food and Dining Trend for 2010? Lots of Economic Fear.

Baum + Whiteman has been a restaurant consulting group since the '70s. The dudes know a few things about the hospitality biz, so when the company releases its annual food and dining trends for the coming year, restaurateurs tend to listen. (Or razz B+W for predicting "tongue" meat would become huge.) Restaurateurs may want to […]

One Method to Save Money in a Recession? Encourage the Staff Not to Break the Stemware.

Jeffrey Buben is a glass act. Jeffrey Buben's an old pro at examining every inch of Vidalia and Bistro Bis to find cost savings. He'll review phone bills, ordering imbalances (too much product for too few customers), and overtime costs, anything to save cash and keep his staff employed in a bad economy. But one […]

A Good Investment? Craft Beer Proves Recession-Proof

Times are tough all around, right? Almost. Sure, you've watched your salary stagnate and your 401K disappear. The banks are bust, war is everywhere, and, heck, add a global pandemic to the mix, and you've got a recipe for real, lasting despair. If that makes you want to crack a beer, you're in luck. The […]