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Andrew Zimmern Cries Uncle in Thailand

You'll have to indulge me here. I want to share this video less because of its gross-out factor and more because of this hilarious piece from Serious Eats writer Jillian Madison who offers a blow-by-blow account of poor Andrew Zimmern's encounter with, ahem, rustic Thai cooking on Bizarre Foods. Every stunt-food host has his limitations. […]

Will ‘Top Chef’ Be Filming at Deal Middle School Tomorrow?

Everyone in the D.C. mainstream media/blog community seems to be playing a game of Where's Padma? The Washingtonian even has a working map of reported Top Chef D.C. sightings. Just when I thought I was above it all, I got dragged into the fray this afternoon with a tip that the Top Chef crews would […]

Are You All Quick-Fired-Up About Top Chef in D.C.?

Last week, reader and blogger Jenna challenged me over my lack of enthusiasm about Top Chef filming its next season in D.C.  It was a gentle gibe, and she immediately followed with another, gentler question to prove it: She wanted to know what local spots I'd like to see featured on Bravo's reality show. Here was my […]

Food News You Can Use: Top Chef in D.C. Edition

Everyone has their whisks in a stir about Top Chef apparently filming its next season in D.C. You can barely visit a Web site... without... reading... some... random... gushing over the prospect of the city hosting the Bravo program. Yep, I think I get it. Reality TV has supplanted reality for our affections. Leave it […]

Why Did ‘Top Chef’ Feel Like a Movie Script Featuring the Voltaggio Brothers?

God knows I respect the Voltaggio brothers' talent, not to mention the willingness of at least one of the siblings to extract himself from a safe, high-profile kitchen position to try something riskier,  like opening his own restaurant. Which is part of the reason why I could never figure out why Bryan and Michael Voltaggio […]