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Last Week’s Greatest Hits on Young & Hungry

It's a short leap from corned beef and cabbage to the corned beef and sauerkraut found on a Reuben. At least that's the message I get from the Atlas District's latest eatery, Star and Shamrock Tavern and Deli, which drew the kind of attention you'd expect from a place that marries an Irish pub with […]

Last Week’s Greatest Hits on Young & Hungry

Y&H feels so cheap. I did much the same thing that I accused of doing — ginning up a little controversy at someone else's expense to generate hits. My "fan" letter to the food site drew attention from coast to coast and elsewhere. The item was the clear winner of the week. Take a […]

Ray’s the Steaks at East River Opening: ‘Gratifying’ and ‘Challenging’

Those were two of the key words that owner Michael Landrum used as he tried to sum up the first few days of service at Ray's the Steaks at East River, which officially opened on Tuesday for lunch and dinner. "This is my most difficult and challenging restaurant opening and my least smooth restaurant opening," […]

Last Week’s Greatest Hits on Young & Hungry

My first impressions of the Cereal Bowl touched a nerve with readers last week, triggering a tidal wavelet of commentary, both pro and con, toward the chain restaurant dedicated to breakfast cereal. Or whatever that thing is in Cleveland Park. The quasi-review was, far and away, the most-read item of the week. Let's go to […]

The Heavy Burden of Ray’s the Steaks at East River

The media hype on Ray's the Steaks at East River started more than a year and a half ago with this piece in WaPo, back when Michael Landrum's meat emporium was called Ray's the Heat. Yours truly fanned the flames a few times about Ray's the Heat/Ray's the Steaks at East River following that original […]

Ray’s the Steaks at East River to Open Next Week, Not Tomorrow

Yes, there will be a ribbon cutting tomorrow afternoon with Mayor Adrian M. Fenty to officially welcome Ray's the Steaks at East River into Ward 7. But, no, the ceremony will not signal the highly anticipated opening of Michael Landrum's steak emporium. The opening won't come until next week, Landrum tells Y&H this evening. The […]

The Restaurants Coming Soon to a Neighborhood Near You

Y&H has already listed his 10 favorite new restaurants for 2009. Now it's time to start pondering the possibilities for 2010. Here's a short list of the upcoming restaurants I'm itching to dine in this year. Galileo III: Can Roberto Donna overcome his dwindling reputation and poor recent track record to reclaim the heavyweight crown […]

No Hell Burger for Adams Morgan, but a Ray’s the Steaks for NE

Adams Morgan may have to wait — as in forever — for a Ray's Hell Burger, but Northeast D.C. will have to drum their fingers only 'til this fall for the debut of Ray's the Steaks at East River, says owner Michael Landrum. When WaPo first announced RTS@ER, it was known as Ray's the Heat, […]