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Steak Holder

For returning patrons, experiencing the “reinvigorated” Ray’s the Steaks at East River can be a sort of guessing game. Scoping the restaurant’s interior for the first time since the pioneering Ward 7 steakhouse reopened in late January after an abrupt two-month hiatus, a dining companion of mine bluntly asked the server, “What’s changed?” Indeed, the […]

The Mystery of Maryland Fried Chicken

The Maryland fried chicken at Crisfield Seafood Restaurant in Silver Spring One of the online menus I found for Tommy Marcos' Ledo Restaurant noted that the Adelphi institution serves "Authentic Maryland Fried Chicken." I called to confirm that the place still offers the dish and was met with...momentary silence. After a beat or two, the woman on […]

Michael Landrum Makes His Case for Gourmet Burgers in the Face of the Times’ Investigation

 Michael Landrum, the man who put the meat into the Ray's mini-empire, has never been shy about telling the world about the superiority of his beef.  The New York Times' investigation of the commercial ground-beef industry gave him another chance to do more of the same. Landrum responded to three of the four questions posed […]

No Hell Burger for Adams Morgan, but a Ray’s the Steaks for NE

Adams Morgan may have to wait — as in forever — for a Ray's Hell Burger, but Northeast D.C. will have to drum their fingers only 'til this fall for the debut of Ray's the Steaks at East River, says owner Michael Landrum. When WaPo first announced RTS@ER, it was known as Ray's the Heat, […]

Montgomery Cinema ’N’ Drafthouse: We Hardly Knew Ye

Folks all around Y&H's little orbit today are reporting on the early demise of the Montgomery Cinema ’N’ Drafthouse, which opened just a couple of months ago in the Westfield shopping center in Wheaton. Our CP colleague and fave movie critic Tricia Olszewski posted the theater owners' rant over on City Desk. The Going Out […]

The ‘Subversive Element’ at Ray’s Hell Burger? Catsup!

Leave it to Michael Landrum, the socially conscious improprietor of Ray's the Steaks and Ray's the Classics, to regurgitate one of the Reagan Administration's more embarrassing, non-Iran/Contra moments. And he's done it right there on his condiments counter at Ray's Hell Burgers. The salty-dog toque even teased his meat-crazed followers with this taunt on […]

Ray’s the Steaks Set to Move Soon…Or Not

Michael Landrum gave me an impromptu tour today of the still-unfinished Ray's the Steaks in the Navy League Building at 2300 Wilson Blvd, just a few blocks west of the current location in Arlington. The space is enormous, nearly 5,000 square feet spread over three rooms, including a front section built to resemble the no-frills, […]