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The Perfect Hamburger: Gourmet or Diner Variety?

When it comes to the "perfect" hamburger, Josh Ozersky doesn't mince words. He prefers the simple, American-cheese charms of a lean ground-chuck burger at Veselka in the East Village. It's a nice counter-intuitive choice, more down-market than the gourmet burgers that get all the media attention. But I wonder if Ozersky's just adopting a common-man […]

Last Week’s Greatest Hits on Young & Hungry

If any one thing defines Y&H Nation, it's our insatiable need for more (and more accessible) outlets for craft and imported beers. When the urge strikes — and when doesn't it? — we want to walk to the neighborhood Safeway for our Dogfish Head fix, not climb into the car and drive to a gourmet wine-and-beer shop […]

Michael Landrum, Look Who Made A-1 in The New York Times

I think it's safe to say — though you never know with him — that Michael Landrum finds some parts of Y&H's job rather shallow. Like reporting on what President Obama eats at Ray's Hell Burger. I think the last thing he told me yesterday as I was rushing off to beat the competition was […]

Video and Photo of President Obama’s Visit to Ray’s Hell Burger

Is it my imagination or is President Obama deliberately and almost ostentatiously squeezing Dijon mustard onto his hamburger? Take that Hannity. After the jump, check out a candid photo snapped by Y&H's bud, Joe Epstein, when the D.C. editor of Thrillist happened to be a few doors down at Ray's Hell Burger Too, as the […]

Obama Introduces Russian President to Hell…Burgers

This just in: President Obama, fresh off firing his commander in Afghanistan, stopped at Ray's Hell Burger with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev. The crowd gave the two presidents a standing ovation, says owner Michael Landrum, who was there for the surprise visit. "It happened in a blink of an eye," Landrum tells Y&H. "No advance […]

Ray’s the Steaks at East River Opening: ‘Gratifying’ and ‘Challenging’

Those were two of the key words that owner Michael Landrum used as he tried to sum up the first few days of service at Ray's the Steaks at East River, which officially opened on Tuesday for lunch and dinner. "This is my most difficult and challenging restaurant opening and my least smooth restaurant opening," […]

The Readers Had Their Say in 2009, Too

As the primary author of the Young & Hungry blog, I release a lot of gas into the ether. Sometimes you readers find it noxious enough to disperse with your own counterattack. It can make for an engaging round of online gasbagging. Just take a look at the four examples that Editor Andrew and I […]

Five Guys’ Supporters Rush to the Defense of the Chain Burger

It's not enough, I guess, that the Five Guys hamburger earned a spot in our inaugural D.C. Dish Hall of Fame. The burger's many fans want the respect that goes along with the honor. Everyone's respect, in fact, and either you give it or you are,  in the words of commenter The Truth, a "douche […]

D.C. Dish Hall of Fame Voting Closes Today

Earlier this week, a friend and I were sitting in the bright, clean dining area at El Pollo Rico, putting a hurt on the rotisserie bird that a young woman with a meat cleaver had just hacked into four neat pieces.  The table to my right was filled with three loud diners speaking in that unique strain of […]

D.C. Dish Hall of Fame Update: Who’s Really Deserving?

The Five Guys burger in all its unfiltered glory We're down to the wire on the D.C. Dish Hall of Fame contest. You have only until Friday to cast your vote. As you likely know by now, the top five dishes will be part of the hall's inaugural class, with more plates to be inducted […]