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Y&H Delivers His Own Verdict in Steptoe vs. Rogue States Trial

Except for some sweat-inducing minutes after lunch when I was still trying to write a blog item and stuff a bland Starbucks sandwich down my gullet, I heard every word of the Steptoe & Johnson vs. Rogue States trial last week. I'm no judge and have no grasp of the laws that pertain to private […]

A Tale of Two Exhaust Cleaning Systems

The afternoon session of the Rogue States trial, in which D.C. Superior Court Judge John M. Mott must decide whether the burger joint is legally a nuisance, was a spent arguing over the merits of the scrubber/vent system that owner Raynold Mendizabal installed to abate the smell that's annoying the lawyers over at Steptoe & […]

Trial Starts Today to Determine if Rogue States Burger Joint Is a ‘Nuisance’

Rogue States may be the first restaurant in history to be considered a "nuisance" just for grilling thick, juicy burgers over a wood flame, the very scent that makes the average non-vegetarian's mouth salivate like Pavlov's dog. Starting this morning, D.C. Superior Court Judge John M. Mott will hear arguments in a lawsuit, filed by […]

Rogue States Owner May Have Found a Way to Eliminate Its Juicy Burger Stench

Rogue States owner/chef Raynold Mendizabal and his landlord have tabled a plan to build an expensive venting system to reroute the Dupont Circle burger joint's beefy fumes directly to the roof.  It was apparently the only option that would appease Steptoe & Johnson, the neighboring law firm that had sued Rogue States and its landlord […]

Rogue States Owner Still Undecided Over His Immediate Future

As of this morning, Rogue States co-owner and chef Raynold Mendizabal was still undecided about the future of his hip, international burger joint. He met with landlord, TRT,  but couldn't reach a consensus on what to do after a judge gave Rogue States and TRT 30 days to stop venting grill fumes into a neighboring […]

Judge Orders Rogue States to Stop Stinking Up Nearby Law Firm

A D.C. Superior Court judge issued a preliminary injunction on Tuesday that gives upscale burger joint Rogue States 30 days to stop stinking up next-door neighbor, Steptoe & Johnson. The international law firm had earlier sued Rogue and its landlord for venting greasy smoke into a shared space between their buildings, where the fumes then […]