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D.C.’s Raw Milk Supplier Shut Down

Last June, Y&H contributor Nevin Martell reported on the District's underground raw milk market and how a government raid on an Amish farm in Pennsylvania threatened to curtail the supply to D.C.'s unpasteurized dairy purists. More bad news for those folks: according to a Food Safety News report, a federal judge has now issued a […]

Last Week’s Leftovers: Sous Vide Short Rib, Cioppino Bomb, Raw Milk Rap

Dishes We Dug: "Pizza 16" (prosciutto, sopressata, roasted red peppers) at Local 16, 72-hour braised sous vide short rib at Cava Mezze; honey- and spice-glazed duck breast at Proof. Dishes We Didn't: Low-country cioppino at Eatonville. A bit bland. Get the house sausages or grilled lamb porterhouse instead. Most Retro Chic Reader Comment About D.C.'s […]

Lactose Intolerant

The SUV glides to a halt in front of the buttery white brick Capitol Hill row house. Liz Reitzig gets out and quickly makes her way across the street. There’s a lone woman in front of the two-story structure, arms crossed over her chest. Reitzig talks to her for a moment, then walks through a […]

Kummer on Cows

I thought this Atlantic post called "This Milk is Alive" would be an informative discussion about the virtues (or lack of same) of raw (aka unpasteurized) milk. But lo and behold it's merely a "That's Incredible!" kind of story about an English dairy that's (allegedly) hired a tenor to sing to its cows, thus (allegedly) […]