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Mild-Mannered Eric Ripert Rips Gordon Ramsay at the Warner

By and large, the No Reservations gabfest on Friday at the Warner Theatre was what you'd expect: Anthony Bourdain railing against vegetarians and industrial ag, and Eric Ripert defending Wolfgang Puck and the future of fine dining. But the most unpredictable moment came when host, Tommy McFly from Mix 107.3 FM, asked the celebrity chefs/TV […]

The Job That Rachael Ray May Be Qualified For: Dry Cleaner Clerk

I'm sorry to pick on Rachael Ray. It's beyond shooting fish in a barrel. It's carpet-bombing fish in a home aquarium (though I have to admit that I admired Ray's self-awareness and unwillingness to take the bait after Martha Stewart bashed the TV cook last year). Nonetheless, would I be surprised one day to find […]

Daily Food Blog Roundup: Extreme Blogging

Let's start the week with the online equivalent of wingsuit flying: Bloggers willing to tear down institutions and destroy old ideas. Hey, if we desk jockeys can't exercise anymore, then we might as well get our endorphin rush from little shots of e-schadenfreude. Less Is Enough chronicles Day 27 of a campaign to eat for a month […]

Rachael Ray Shows No Love for Ray’s the Steaks

Just in time for March Madness, the latest issue of Every Day with Rachael Ray features an NCAA-esque bracket that pits the country's best steakhouses against each other, leading up to a final showdown between Grill 23 in Boston and Bern's in Tampa, Fla. Bern's ultimately takes the title, which is not so surprising. What's […]

What Would Chefs Serve at Obama’s Inauguration Dinner?

The Associated Press decided to ask a number of chefs that very question. The wire service got responses from a number of famous toques, including Eric Ripert and Charlie Palmer, as well as one famous gal who's not really a toque at all. Guess who?